Milking goats – tips and tricks for dummies

Living in Mongolia means often having sheep and goats. As they deliver kids (young goats) in February and the grass starts growing in May/June, the goats have enough milk during summer. This means you can have fresh goat milk every day! However, you need to know how to milk a goat first without a milking machine (no power). Therefore, I share my experiences with you.

First of all, you need a flock of goats and a group of people to get the goats in the position where you want them to be. One by one, you grab the goats and put them face to face with their horns connected to each other. A rope zigzag around the back of their necks makes sure they cannot escape. If you have a row of 2x fifteen or twenty goats, you can stop and start a new row if you have more goats left. Of course, some goats will escape. Well, make sure you use them for you next bbq then.

Lining up the goats for milking

Lining up the goats for milking

Several goats will watch you trying to milk their colleague

Several goats will watch you trying to milk their colleague











So the goats are waiting for you to be milked. You grab a small stool and a bucket and start with one of the goats on the left or right side of the line (just what you prefer). Sit right behind the goat, spread the hind legs of the goat and place the bucket under the udder. If the udder is stiff (some young goats might be a little uncomfortable with you touching their tits, as you might understand), massage it a little and pat it with your hand. Then you place your fingers around the tit and squeeze it from top to bottom (just as you squeeze the last piece of toothpaste from your tube). You can use more fingers if you like and even work on two tits if you get more and more experienced (say; goat nr 3 in line). The first times you squeeze nothing might happen or only one tit will give some milk, but keep up the spirit and continue doing the same. If you really cannot get any milk out of a goat; leave this job or observe a kid drinking (if a kid can do it…you must be able to do that!).

Goat - check, Bucket - check, Stool - check, me - check, udder - double check

Goat - check, Bucket - check, Stool - check, me - check, udder - double check

If the above described technique works fine for you, you will get some nice rays of milk out of the goat. Then it is necessary to make sure these rays lead to the bucket and not the goats belly or yourself. The best technique is to grab both the tits from straight behind the goat and squeeze downwards. Don’t be too tensioned, as your back will hurt after only two goats, and you still have some twenty more to go. Every goat will give about 200 to 500 ml of milk. If the udder is getting soft and little milk is getting out of the tits, you know you are finished. You can continue to the next goat with the same bucket, as it will not be filled. When the bucket is completely filled, you are an expert, have a back problem and can start your own goat dairy farm.

30 minutes hard work...

30 minutes hard work...

Do’s: Sing for the goats to calm them down, enjoy the scenery around you when milking, get some other people to start milking on the other end of the goat line up, drink the fresh goat milk after cleaning and boiling.

Don’ts: Get a goat’s leg in your bucket, squeeze frustrated on the tits of the goat, try this home alone, sing if you cannot do that, drink the milk unboiled.


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  1. Posted by Janneke en Eelke on June 11, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Dear Dorieke,

    Thanks for the interesting course goat milking. Might be usefull in crisistime.
    In Twijzelerheide, 25 years ago, I sometimes milked my sheep when their lambs were sold. That milk was undrinkable for me 😦 E. Goatdyke


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